KUKSULDO Introduction

Kuksuldo means "The way of Korean Martial Arts". 

As a student, you will learn many things which will interest you but more importantly things which you will be able to use in your daily life. Firstly, it will be your understanding of nature and how it relates to you. Secondly, a true martial artist constantly raises his sense of honor for parents and his sense of respect for teachers. 

The development of your junior/senior relationship with the instructor will enhance your competency in life. Through repeated practice and discipline you will gain insight to your inner self, while also enhancing your personal and professional relationships. 

The following personal attributes will be gained through KukSulDo training: 

Self-control  (discipline)
Self-awareness (experience)
Self-confidence (knowledge)
Self-sacrifice (service)
Peace of mind (meditation)

A sense of the following will also be gained through  Kuksuldo training:

 1.  Diligence

9.  Loyalty 17.  Leadership
2.  Modesty  10.  Independence 18.  Spirit
3.  Respect  11.  Courage 19.  Concentration
4.  Gratitude 12.  Dedication  20.  Focus
5.  Cooperation   13.  Practice 21.  Balance
6.  Fortitude 14.  Control   22.  Power
7.  Confidence 15.  Obedience 23. Speed
8.  Conduct 16.   Responsibility  24. Timing 

Why study KUK SUL DO? 

You will learn that through hard work you will be able to improve your entire state of being.  

You will learn there is no need for fear and involvement and you will learn that your capacities for courage, energy, awareness and compassion are far greater than you have been led to believe. 

You will learn how to release tension and stress, take off excess weight and enjoy yourself while also learning self‑defense. 

You will learn important breathing and physical conditioning techniques, as well as methods to raise your level of consciousness and total self-awareness. 

Kuksuldo training transcends into every part of your life, always traveling with you. You will not only look and feel better but you will gain poise and self-confidence. 


Kuksuldo builds both mind and body. The program has been carefully designed to conditioning, building and maintaining muscle tone, strength, coordination and total mental alertness. 


The immediate objective of Kuksuldo is the welfare of the one practicing it. Not only will skills in self‑defense be attained but more importantly will be the focus on the development of each individual's character. 

Strength in personal character can be realized only through development of the spirit. Patience, courtesy, respect, honesty, modesty, loyalty, generosity, dedication, discipline and fortitude are not only the source but also the reward of this art. 


Involvement in Kuksuldo requires each student to develop self‑discipline. The improvement in physical ability gained from training will be immediately visible to the student himself but the improvement of his self‑discipline will be recognized by others. Physical activities are used to enhance mental conditioning, which lead to and assist in developing self‑discipline. 


The question often arises as to whether Kuksuldo is suitable for women and children. For women it offers an effective means of self‑protection, especially against attacks from larger and stronger assailants. At the same time it can take off unwanted inches and muscle tone will improve through an interesting and worthwhile learning experience.

For children, Kuksuldo teaches self‑defense, enhances self‑confidence, increases attention span and tremendously improves coordination. Many children's Doctors and Psychologists recommend a martial arts program to correct childhood problems. Kuksuldo represents a gift, which could improve your child's quality of life! It also provides an opportunity to have fun! 


Parents may consider Kuksuldo for the whole family as an interesting, enjoyable and worthwhile means of spending quality time with each other and strengthening family relationships. For this purpose, we offer a family membership plan, which can be discussed with Grandmaster Austin Sungkon Lim during the membership process. 


Q: Does it take a lot of coordination? 

A:    Not to begin with. In fact, many people begin to study Kuksuldo to increase their coordination. Everyone has a different level of natural ability and coordination. The most important things to realize are your current abilities and your limitations. Then Kuksuldo will assist you in further developing, strengthening and maintaining your coordination ability. 

Q: Will I get a Black Belt? 

A:    Only if you study hard, complete each level of training, pass all the tests and demonstrate the appropriate level of proficiency. Everyone begins as a white belt and works their way up. It is possible to achieve the level of black belt but it must be earned. Some people have earned their black belt in only 3 to 5 years. Others take longer. Your rate of progression will be entirely dependent on you. 

Q: What and who is the Master? 

A:    Master is the title of one who has received a fifth degree black belt (or higher) in Korean Martial Arts from an officially commissioned Korean authority. The title of master is awarded only when one clearly demonstrates the appropriate character, knowledge and physical, mental and practical mastery of all the techniques, movements and capabilities within the  traditional Korean Martial Arts system. 
        Grandmaster Austin Sungkon Lim, began teaching since 1977, the traditional Korean Martial Arts. 
 In 1994, he earned official certification and qualification from Korean government & Seoul National University as Kuk Sul leader  & national teacher title (Kuk Sa)

   Grandmaster Austin Sungkon Lim has extensive martial arts experience. Traditional Korean Martial Arts are comprehensive in effectiveness but to fully complete his skill set, Grandmaster Austin Sungkon Lim has also studied and  gained knowledge and experience with; Kuk Sool Won, Kung Jung Mu Sul, Sa Do Mu Sul, Bul Kyo Mu Sul, Hap Ki Do, Tae Kwan Do, Yudo, Kung Fu, boxing, wrestling,  kick‑boxing, gymnastics and weaponry, as well as extensive training in both treatment and therapy for sports related injuries. 
   Grandmaster Austin Sungkon Lim developed this system to be an efficient, quick, easy and safe method of training while also learning an effective style of  martial arts. This combination is what makes Kuksuldo unique, sophisticated and truly eclectic. 

Q: I am very shy, so how can I possibly learn Kuk Sul Do? 

A:    Kuksuldo focus on developing each individual's character, strengths and self‑image. The traditional comprehensive and systematic training program followed by this School builds upon concentration, self‑control, generosity,  dedication and fortitude which consistently demonstrates quantum improves in health, energy, awareness, courage, and self‑confidence. Ultimately, Kuksuldo provides each student with the essential  knowledge and skills required to succeed in today’s unsafe world. 

Q: Can I lose weight? 

A:    Yes and improve muscle tone at the same time. Kuksuldo has a large advantage over aerobics and other weight loss/health programs. You may certainly lose weight but you will also improve your overall  physical and mental condition, as well as gain knowledge and learn valuable skills which can be applied to each facet of your life. 

Q: Will it help me release tension and stress? 

A:    Yes! Many PSYCHOLOGISTS and DOCTORS recommend physical exercise to relieve problems due to tension and stress. Kuksuldo training will teach you how to remain calm in stressful situations and how to release tension through proven relaxation and meditation techniques. 

Q: Am I too old (or too young)? 

A:    No! Its never too late to begin training in Kuksuldo. People all over the world are involved in Korean Martial Arts well into their 70's and 80's. Our school offers a variety of programs, so you are encouraged to discuss your specific situation with Grandmaster Austin Sungkon Lim and choose the  program that best fits your objectives and physical requirements. 

Q: Why should I study Kul Sul Do?  What can it do for me? 

A:    Kuksuldo is an unrivaled means of self‑protection for men, women and children. They maintain MUSCLE TONE and our systematic program is designed to keep both the mind and body totally aware and perfectly conditioned.  Kuksuldo also focus on the development of each individual's character. We constantly strive to develop perfect balance within all of our students. Students with either a high level of physical strength but low in mental ability, or high mental ability but poor physical condition have reached half of their potential.

At this school we are committed to assist each student achieve proper balance and integration between the mental and physical planes.  We have a unique formula, which has been developed and proven over  two thousand years and we have consistently demonstrated success. 

We offer our students the best in physical training coupled with self‑confidence and a positive self‑image!
No matter what the age, sex, or physical condition, ANYONE can benefit from a KUKSULDO program.



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